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The Truth, Love & Freedom
2006 Healing Arts Festival
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2006 Teachers:

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  • Aquatic Bodywork:
    Shantam - Presence of Being & WaterDance

    Shantam, BFA, Certified Aquatic Bodywork Therapist and Instructor, CMT and Master Hypnotherapist (Institute for Advanced Hypnosis and Somantra Institute for Body-Enlightenment), has a rich background in the healing arts and a profound passion for Aquatic Bodywork. She believes that the water itself, through Watsu® and Waterdance can actually empower each of us to recognize and embody who we are. Her teaching is a testament to that belief. With a gentle, compassionate presence and an innate, intuitive ability to communicate from the heart, Shantam offers enthusiastic support, insight and a wealth of personal experience to anyone wishing to learn more about this work in the water and about themselves. For Shantam's website click here


    Inika Spence - Healing Dance & Aquatic Contact Dance

    Inika Spence is a Watsu® and Healing Dance instructor. She has been an aquatic bodyworker since 1996,working at Harbin Hot Springs as a Watsu®, Waterdance and Healing Dance practitioner. She has over 2000 hours of training in aquatic bodywork. Inika brings grace to the water and conveys this grace to her students through her deep knowledge of movement in the water. Her work has been influenced by Yoga, Tai Chi, dance and meditation. Inika is able to impart the joy of movement and gentle touch to her students in an easy, flowing environment.



    Diane Tegtmeier - Aquatic Energywork

    Diane Tegtmeier ,MSW, NCTMB, and Certified Watsu® Practitioner has explored healing work from the perspective of social work, massage, energy work and Watsu® practice over the last 17 years. This has given her the opportunity to work along the full continuum of physical, emotional and spiritual human process - in talk and touch. Before that, her understanding of relationships was grounded in studies of physiology and ecology. Diane’s teaching experience includes anatomy/physiology, personal growth and healing workshops and graduate social work instruction in loss and grief. With an appreciation for the necessity of ethical guidelines, she brings warmth, humor and reverence to what can happen when we try to live them in day to day practice.


    Davita Taurek - Watsu® Basics & Ecstatic Dance

    Davida has a diverse background in body-centered therapies including dance, yoga, massage, Watsu® & Waterdance. A protégé of Gabrielle Roth, she leads dance therapy workshops throughout the US, Canada and Costa Rica. Davida studied yoga with Ana Forrest for six years, and completed the Forrest Yoga Teaching Program in 2001. In addition to her Watsu®/Waterdance practice in LA, she works with private clients in San Francisco and New York City. Trusting the natural rhythm and flow of life's process, Davida brings loving care and nurturing to her clients and work as teacher and healer. She believes in the healing process and feels passionately about expanding her work to the public. For Davida's website click here



  • Yoga

    Satya - Ecstatic Yoga

    Satya is an international Yoga teacher, who inspires people to discover who they really are and live creatively from that space.  She is renowned for her charisma and depth of understanding of body, heart and spirit.  She is founder of and lead teacher trainer in the Yoga program at Harbin. She is featured in the new Ecstatic Yoga and Ecstatic Yoga for Loversworkshops and inspiring DVD's.  Since 1992, she has mastered various forms of yoga, dance, contemporary healing modalities, and personal transformational practices. 



Lenna Robinson - Being Yoga & Being Stillness:

Lenna is a Certified Movement Therapist, Massage Therapist, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Lenna has had the unique opportunity to have spent her life witnessing the patterns of the body, mind and spirit. Handicapped at birth she began her studies. Trained as a dancer in New York she became fascinated with healing. In Berkeley she was fortunate to study a multitude of healing modalities. She also has the pleasure to teach with horses. Working with their authentic reflection in the Yoga of Horsemanship. For further info: lennaheart@yahoo.com


Archana (Samantha) Beers

Archana has been teaching Embodied Arts in the forms of GetReal Yoga, Dharma Dance, Contact Improvisation, Performance and MatrixSomatics theraputic body-solutions all over the world for the last 11 years. She has trained teachers in the fields of yoga and contact improvisation, helped to expand and ground dance communities in the US and Australia and and worked to integrate visions of ONENESS: sustainability, spirituality, art, and emotional wellbeing into all of her relating: professional, personal and trans-personal.



  • Dance

  • Ecstatic Dance Therapy:




    • Heather Christensen


  • Contact Dance




    • Alex Medin: Contact Dance as Healing Modality

      Alex's search for truth took him from a former career as a clinical psychologist to yoga and become an Osho sannyasin, diving deeply into a myriad of different healing modalities with the purpose of cleansing the emotional body, cleansing the vessel, to reach ultimate truth: Bliss. He found in Aquatic Bodywork a gem in therapies and moved to Harbin Hot Springs in 1998. Since then he continued to explore different bodywork modalities and stopped working professionally as a healer to take a management position at Harbin and health coach individuals through the internet. Alex's passion is for getting real and practical, grounding the vision of a sustainable world and the creation of Heaven on Earth. He is the founder and executive producer of this festival.

Qi Gong Healer and Healing Qi Gong master. Originally from Canada he has been studying with different buddhist and daoïst masters during the last twenty years. He was directing a Healing Qi Gong school in Canada before he left for Yangshuo (China) to teach Healing aspects of Qi Gong in the Bu Di Zhen Kung Fu School of the Grand Kung Fu Master Gao Yan-Tao. He spent the last 6 months in Northern California training and teaching Harbin Hot Springs residents self-healing techniques.


  • Meditation:
    • Lenna Robinson: Being Stillness (Please refer above for bio)
    • Alex - AUM Meditation (Emotional Release Active Meditation)
      Please refer above for bio


  • BodyWork:
    • Tyler Nilson: AcroSage | Thai Massage | Organ Massage

      Tyler has been innovating techniques of yoga and healing for over 10 years. He has studied many diverse disciplines in the healing arts, yoga and shamanic lineages and continues to share his breadth of experience with assisted yoga therapies including AcroSage, Thai Massage, Shiatsu and Chi Nei Tsang. Tyler guides you through an expansive inward journey of flowing BodyMudras, gestures, and subtle movements of the body which unravel and awaken your inner universe creating more space for you to expand and soften into your true essence. His classes and private sessions explore profound pathways for transformational self awareness and embodied healing.