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Please read carefully the agreement between you, the Exhibitor/Vendor, and the Festival:

1. If approved, all payments should be done within 7 days of the approval notice and before June 1st 2006. The approval notice is not a reservation and will not hold the Exhibitors space unless paid in full.

2. Setup times: Friday, June 16th from 3:00PM to 6:00PM. The Festival opens to the public at 6:00pm on Friday, June 16th. At that time, all booths must be fully installed. Breakdown will begin at 12:00PM on Sunday, June 18th, at the closing of the Festival and continue until 4:00pm. Vending hours are as follows: Friday Jun 16th 6pm-2am, Saturday Jun 17th 8am-Sun 4am, Sunday Jun18th 8am-12pm.

3. The Festival reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any product, company and/or service in the booth area. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to inform the Festival of any product, service or claim which does not comply with the regulations of the FDA or any other State or Federal regulatory agency and/or which is considered experimental. Exhibitor is strictly prohibited from having or selling on-site any substance or product considered to be illegal. Consequences for any such action will be solely born by the Exhibitor and may be cause for expulsion without recompense.

4. All products and services to be sold, offered or referred to during the Healing Arts Festival must be included on this Application form. No sublet or booth space shall be permitted without prior written agreement with the Festival.

5. The Vendor will provide their own 10’x10’ (except where noted) booth, in addition, to table, chairs and wastebasket, etc.

6. Aisles and Exits, designated shall be kept clean, clear, and free of obstacles. Booth construction shall be substantial and fixed in position in specified areas for the duration of the Festival. Easels, signs, etc., shall not be placed beyond the booth area into the aisles or dance floor areas. Interior furnishings and materials shall not be located so as to obstruct or block exit ways, fire and safety devices or equipment. Distribution of samples and literature is strictly limited to the confines of the Exhibitor’s booth. Also, voice and/or music amplification must be kept to a sufficiently low volume so as not to disturb other exhibitors or attendees.

7. No painting of signs, displays or other objects is permitted in the premises. No adhesive-backed (stick-on) decals or similar items, excluding nametags, may be used in any space beyond the booth space. Please leave booth space clean upon move-out.

8. Although the Festival will provide basic security, insurance is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and is recommended. The Festival is not responsible for replacement of lost or stolen goods. Exhibitors are responsible for obtaining their own general liability insurance for the show dates, including move-in and move-out. Exhibitors will indemnity the Festival,  The School of Shiatsu & Massage and Harbin Hot Springs for claims/suits arising between Exhibitors and attendees regarding booth rental.

9. Exhibitors are financially responsible for any damage caused to booths, decorations, or to any Harbin property. Do not nail, screw, staple, pin, tack, tape, etc., any materials directly to the fabric.

10. All federal, state and city regulations pertaining to fire and safety must be adhered to (i.e., all fabrics used in booth construction/decoration must be flame retardant). The following types of materials are considered acceptable for booth construction and decoration: wood, noncombustible materials as defined by San Francisco Fire Codes, “any material which will not ignite or actively support combustion in a surrounding temperature of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit during an exposure of five minutes.” Flame retardant treated materials and decorations: The following exhibits will require special approval, fire permits and/or fire extinguisher in booth: exhibits with canopies, umbrellas, or other horizontal extension that impedes water systems. Any exhibit employing open flame, i.e. lamps or candles, flammable liquid, compressed combustible gas or highly combustible or explosive material is prohibited!

11. Exhibitors are responsible for meeting all city/state resale-licensing requirements. Exhibitors comply with all The Watsu® Center and Harbin Hot Springs rules when and where applicable.

12. Any Exhibitor giving away or selling food in his/her booth is responsible for all Health Department permits, rules, regulations, etc. Food vendors must sign addendum to this agreement.

13. In order to comply with the smoking ordinance at The Watsu® Center and Harbin Hot Springs, smoking is not permitted unless in the designated areas. By law, individuals are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages, which were purchased off premises, onto the The Watsu® Center property.

14. Any electrical wiring which might come into contact with the partitions must be inspected and have adequate insulation to prevent electrical shock. Additionally, all cords must be grounded and be UL approved.

15. No animals or pets are permitted at the Watsu® Center.

16. Exhibitors agree to conduct themselves in a respectful, cooperative manner appropriate to the integrity of the attendees, fellow exhibitors, and show management staff.

17. In the event that any outside cause prevents the Exhibition, such as war, fire, any Act of God, etc., the Management reserves the right to retain Exhibitor payments for expense compensation.

18. Exhibitor setup will not be permitted unless the Festival has received all fees paid in full.

19. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in fines levied by the Festival, The School of Shiatsu & Massage, Harbin Hot Springs or Government agencies.
The Festival or Harbin Hot Springs retain their right to close any exhibit that fails to cooperate with these policies.

20. Any questions or issues that are not covered in this contract shall be subject solely to the decision of the Festival.

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If you have questions about vendors spaces please contact us at or 707-987-4752